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What Hyper-digitalization means to your future

Artificial Intelligence is Hot, and burning your way of life at a speed you don’t even realize.  It’s just getting everywhere: in your car helping you driving, in your home providing safety, in your work replacing al your repetitive tasks, and in ALL your social media interactions by offering what suits you the most.

There has been a great fear for robots and their impact on our jobs, but for most of us is the replacing of humans by machine a process that we can’t see with our own eyes. Each and everyone thinks about the robot in the production lines, and totally forget about those learning machines that are present in our desk (and for example are correcting this article as I type, making it also difficult to make any grammar or spelling mistake).

But the largest impact is only to come, and right at our door with machines that understand human beings better and quicker than other humans even do!

It is even funny that Apple declared that they had to use face recognition because of a lack of space on the iphone X. The true reasons are: they have added a specific processor to enable face recognition in the inside, and are looking for a better way to interact with the user. I just said : looking, and that is exactly what they do! Every time you are looking at the screen on your iphone, you are giving precious information about your mood, something Apple couldn’t read from your finger. This makes it possible to use marketing technology based on the fact that our face expressions are quicker than our brain can process, and therefore give a time advantage to the seller on the other side of your screen, as he can adapt its offer to your emotional reaction before you were even aware of it.

What are we going to notice in the coming months? (No not years! That is what we think, but our life changes exponentially! ) Some new AI processors are coming on the market, enabling hardware builders to create new applications for our devices. Those machines are going to be smarter, quicker, but more important: closer to us by understanding our needs before we even noticed. Oh! I was thirsty, I didn’t know, but my coffee machine is shouting out loud that my new shot is ready.

Is that the ultimate easiness that we are going to be provided, or a new kind of sweet slavery that seems to eat our freedom? Make your choice, but be quick!

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